4 Types of Car Keys You Must Know – How Much Do They Cost?

You can never tell when you will need to replace your car keys, but you can be ready. With keys, anything can happen. They can get lost or stolen, break in the ignition, etc. For most, it is easier just to have your locksmith on speed dial. Yet, it also helps to know the type of car keys you have. That way, you can know the potential costs beforehand in case disaster strikes.

Traditional Keys

The simplest option often found in older car models. Traditional keys work manually and have no smart system, so, any key cutting machines can make them. However, they are quite insecure and are much easier to pick. Traditional keys can be mechanical-cut or laser-cut.

Mechanical cut keys: These keys have a pattern along one edge of the blade. They can also be made on a die-punch.

Laser-cut keys: These keys have identical cuts on both sides of the blade and can therefore fit the ignition from either side. These are harder to pick than the mechanical ones, making them more secure.

Costs of Replacement: A$5

Complicated Fix: A$250 upwards

Master Key: Until recently, master keys helped to develop replacements for some traditional key types. However, most vehicles nowadays do not come with master keys. The makers store the data in a central database used to reprogram the car for a replacement key. You should ensure you check for a master key provision if you are buying a used or old car.

Costs of Replacement: A$130 to A$200

Transponder Key

Transponder keys are generally more secure. Why?

transponder keys

These contain chips which react with the transponder and activate it when you insert the key into the ignition. Commodore keys, flip keys for example, are often built like this. The transponder keys can be expensive to replace. They cost between A$50 to A$130. It gets higher if you want to replace the lock entirely, especially at a dealership.

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The Moving Code Key: Here, it sends a new code every time you use the car. An example of this functionality in use is with the Holden Commodore keys. Moving code makes the lock more secure, but also more expensive.

Costs of Replacement: A$650

Flip Keys: This key folds into the handle and pops up when you press the button. Flip keys work with transponders too. If anything happens to it, it can be quite pricey to replace.

Costs of Replacement: A$250 -A$300

Blade or Handle: A$100

Valet Key

Some brands, especially luxury and sports cars, come with keys explicitly made for valets. Valet keys allow you to open the car and start it. However, you cannot access the truck or any other storage compartments. The costs for replacing valet keys vary with different car models.

Costs of Replacement: A$80 to A$130

Smart Key

Smart keys are fitted with remote programming features. If the key is within the car’s vicinity, it allows you to unlock and start the vehicle by pushing a button. The programmable features ensure tighter security.

Most car key specialists can help with smart keys. However, they are tricky and more expensive to replace because of their complexity.

Costs of Replacement: A$250 to A$500

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